Home: Boov Pop!

Home: Boov Pop! is an awesome match 3 puzzle game inspired by DreamWorks' movie HOME where physics play a huge role in the completion of the levels.

The player can play as multiple characters from the HOME universe, such as Oh the alien and Tip the teenager. Each character has a unique ability that can help in the completion of the levels.

There are lots of levels with different objectives ranging from simply clearing colors to freeing baby Boovs and defeating the Gorg bosses.

Home: Boov Pop! is the first game I worked on. I was part of the team for the full duration of my 4 months internship at Behaviour Interactive, and I continued working on it for about 3 months after that. Since the programming team was relatively small, I got the chance to work on all parts of the project (menus, gameplay, animations, etc.) and learn a lot.

Tools used:

  • Unity
  • Visual Studio (C#)

Some of the features I implemented:

  • Powerups
  • Character Special Abilities
  • Character Animations (with Mecanim)
  • UI/Menu Animations
  • Analytics
  • Monetization Features (In-App Purchases, Advertisements, Videos)