The Floor Is Lava

The Floor Is Lava is a game made in less than 48 hours by Team Doubledip during the Summer 2015 Creative Jam organized by the Centre NAD, Poly Games and UdeM. The theme was "Pyjama Party" and we got a special mention for the originality of the game. Our official team was constituted of 3 programmers and 2 artists, but in reality we were 10 people working on 2 games simultaneously.

You are a child playing "The Floor Is Lava" with your friends during a pyjama party, and your goal is to be the last child standing by avoiding the lava. But if mommy catches you awake, you automatically lose!

The game was made for 2, 3 or 4 players and has been tested with Xbox Controllers.

Here are the features I focused on, even though the members of the team were all helping each other.

Tools used:

  • Unity
  • Visual Studio (C#)

Some of the features I implemented:

  • The game flow (navigation between game states and menus)
  • The character controls (moving, jumping, shooting)
  • The animations (using Mecanim)
  • Music/Sounds Integration
  • Integrating the assets
  • The Menus and HUD