À Bout De Souffle

À Bout De Souffle (or Out Of Breath) is a game made in less than 48 hours by Team Conjure Lion during the Pixel Challenge 2015 game jam. The theme was "The Alliance Of The Forces" and we got the "Judges' Pick" in the category Student/Amateur. We were 3 programmers, 1 designer and 1 sound artist on the team. Even though we didn't have any artist, the sound artist did a really good job for the art of the game.

À Bout De Souffle is a cooperative game where 2 players must play together in order to bring the watermelon to the next level. The unique mechanic of the game is that one player can only push while the other can only pull, and their movement is restrained by rails.

The game was made for 2 players and to be played with Xbox Controllers. The left joystick is used to move the character on the rails, while the right trigger (RT) is used to apply the push/pull forces.

Here are the features I mainly worked on:

Tools used:

  • Unity
  • Visual Studio (C#)

Some of the features I implemented:

  • The rotation of the characters
  • The force/pull particles system depending on the force applied on the right trigger
  • The force/pull forces applied on the watermelon and other platforms
  • Music/Sounds Integration
  • Balancing the weight of every movable object and tweaking the levels